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Backup your datas

1What is retention

Retention is the period of time we will have to be able to restore the data.

LRetention can go from week(s)/month/year(s) to infinite.

2If I have more than 1 Tb to backup, would it be ok ?


Veritas Netbackup allows you to send optimized traffic and deduplication, only non-knowned data are transmit.

Traffic is also encrypted.

Deduplication revolute the data transport.

For highend needs we will directly install a media server on your datacenter to optimize efficiency.

Managed Services

1Why choose RAMBUR COMPUTING for managed services ?

We are all VCS Certified

Veritas Certified Specialist for Netbackup and Netbackup Appliances.

We have also certification for Catalog Manipulations

We trust in training and teamspirit.

We are Veritas Partner, and we maintain strong relations with the editor Veritas EMEA.

Why work together ?

1Experience and skills

Our specialist has been working with the Major Costumer of Veritas in Europe. All these experiences are today offer to our costumers in all sectors :




-French State Institutions and European ones






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